Do you have a wish? We can make it come true!

Birthday party all the year


Find the magical flower of fairies named “Fleur de Poudrus” that has been stole by a mysterious character by doing a giant treasure hunt through the parc. You will have to go through few challenges :

  • the use of magnetic compass
  • an orienteering race
  • some decodings of riddles


Thwart the plans of the Shadow wizard by

  • preparing a magic potion,
  • decoding a manuscript,
  • discovering wizard’s ingredients.

Become a sorcerer’s apprentice and return home with memorable memories !


  • Walk in the wood and look for some animals prints that are hiding at the foot of trees.
  • Find the rights one in order to discover a secret code which will open a treasure chest.
  • Use a GPS to move in the right direction and find your way back to the mysterious treasure chest.



The birthday party is about 3 hours from 2pm to 5pm during the week and weekends by reservation only and according to availability.

The three games that are explained above take about 2 hours and the last hour is for cake and presents (a room is available depends on the weather). We don’t provide either cakes, drinks or decoration so it is up to you.

We don’t do birthday party for kids under 5 years and the minimum number is 10 children. The price is about 19€ per child. For adults, it is free until 3, then it will be 6€ per adult that would like to stay in the parc during the birthday party.





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