Through its history, the artworks on display, and its park , the Château de Preisch offers various activities for pupils. The day begins with guided visits to the castle and the 2 hundred year old estate, followed by participation in your workshops of choice and finishing with a treasure hunt or an orientation course in the castle grounds.

2023 Cahier pédagogique

2023 Brochure écoles


  • Historical visit to the castle
  • Fill-in the missing texts on the estate’s history
  • Time-line : place in chronological order, different objects and inventions with the help of playing-cards
  • Follow Preisch – 4 types of questions about Preisch’s history played on a board-game : Architecture, Personalities, Nature, History


  • Visit the estate with its 2 hundred year old trees
  • How to recognise a tree
  • The life-cycle of a tree. Learn how to measure a tree and calculate its age
  • The trees will tell you their story on the panels, in short poems and in explanatory leaflets
  • The life cycle of animals is explained by rôle-play


  • Design : imagine the old fortress after having studied the medieaval fortified moat, the double moat and the island on which one finds the fortress, imagine all this.
  • Design : create your own coat-of-arms after studying the coats-of-arms of the different owners of the castle, design your own coat-of-arms and create your device.
  • Land-Art workshop : using the natural elements found on the estate, create your own work of art.
  • Mail-Art workshop : having studied several works shown during the open-days, create your own postal work of art.


The Château de Preisch is situated 20 minutes south of Luxembourg, 20 minutes north of Thionville, and 45 minutes from Metz. Picnic areas, with the possibility of eating inside in bad weather.

Price per Child (accompanying adults, free) : 12 €

Each activity requires forming groups of 5 – 8 children, each group needs an accompanying adult. For the Adventure Trail, groups of 4 children are required.

We ask you to bring schoolbags with pencils and coloured crayons.




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